The Reliability Black Belt®

5-day In-person Course

& Certification Program

This course is for engineers, technicians, specialists, and executives in the areas of product development, design, testing, production, quality, and management.

Reliability is important. It is a vital competitive factor in today's market.

Dependable products increase customer satisfaction and reduce warranty-related expenses.

A methodical planning and safeguarding of product reliability, availability, and service life are necessary to meet these challenges in the face of the complexity of today's systems.

The Reliability Black Belt® comprises the second of three modules in the qualification as a Reliability Engineer Master Black Belt®.

In this module, you will learn about specialization and various methods from reliability management, root cause analysis, design of experiments, durability modeling, RAM/LCC as well as software quality.

Course Content

Master the advanced elements of reliability engineering. Improve your ability to use the right tool at the right time, effectively.

Lecture, discussions, questions/answers, hands-on examples, and more all designed to help you use a solid understanding of reliability engineering to improve your ability to improve your product's reliability performance.

  • I really enjoyed the class and your insights into the material as well as your anecdotal support of the subject matter.
    Jaime, Quality Engineer Lead
  • I enjoyed the class and I would sign up for another with Les with no apprehensions.
    Wendi, Reliability Engineer Lead

The Reliability Black Belt® is a course developed and licensed by the Reliability Engineering Academy. It is part of a sequence of three steps to becoming a certified Reliability Master Black Belt®

TBA Course

Advanced Skill Mastery


Receive a certification of course completion

TBA Course and Exam

Become a Certified Reliability Black Belt®

Advanced Methods Mastery


Receive a certification of course completion

Your Instructor Les Warrington

Contact me if you have any question about the reliability belt program.

Les Warrington via email at

  • 30+ year of reliability engineering experience

    My roles in this have been user, customer, design & development, manager, researcher, academic, trainer, and consultant.

  • My mission is to help you deliver the benefits of reliability

    It is not enough to deliver product reliability; the reliability needs to be right for the customer and for the business, and it needs to be delivered in such a way as to maximize those benefits.

  • My Career and Background

    My career spans military (Royal Air Force, UK), academic (Senior Fellow, University of Warwick, UK), commercial (Director Reliability, Research in Motion, Canada) and consulting (worldwide).

A steady and growing number of Reliability Belts awarded

Cumulative Number of Reliability Belts Awarded by Year

Examination / certification:

The training will end in all cases with a certificate of participation. Furthermore, there is the possibility to take a written examination for a certified Reliability Black Belt® at the end of the course. The certificate will be awarded by the University of Stuttgart and the Institute of Machine Components. The examination is in multiple choice form.


Participation in the Reliability Green Belt® training. Or hold an ASQ CRE or similar experience/certification.

.Software requirements:

Each participant must have a laptop with the following software: Microsoft Excel, Adobe Reader and Minitab (Version R15 or above). A demo version of the software Minitab can be downloaded from

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