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Scheduled for
July 20, 2021,
at 9 am PDT
(UTC/GMT -7:00)

The first couple of discussion sessions were great fun.

Bring your questions and ideas, and let's talk about whatever is on your mind concerning reliability, quality, safety, risk, or engineering.

Q&A and Discussion sessions are available to Accendo Reliability members.

If you haven't joined Accendo Reliability, it's free and takes only a moment.

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Where you can join colleagues and friends to ask questions, share your knowledge, or just talk shop. 

We're using a Zoom meeting with open microphones - video optional. (please mute when not speaking to reduce background noise - thanks)

This idea here is to increase the chance of each of us 'meeting each other' as we would in the hall of a conference or meeting.

Let's talk shop, share ideas, ask questions, and learn from each other.

This not a panel or presentation. This is an open discussion - so be prepared to suggest a topic or ask a question.