Risk Management 
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We now live in a world of uncertainty and risk.  Let’s look at a few areas:  Climate change.  Increasing inflation.  Great resignation. New Covid variants.  High energy prices. Collapsing stock markets. 

Reliability engineers and quality professionals also work in an uncertain and risky world.   New operational models  New ‘make or buy’ decisions.  Supply chain disruptions. Complex technologies.  Cyber attacks.  Project cost/schedule/quality variabilities.

McKinsey says the #1 professional skill for employability is complex problem solving.  Risk management, specifically risk-based problem solving and risk based decision making, is now the essential skill for reliability and quality professionals.

Greg Hutchins PE CERM, the workshop course instructor, coined the term: Future of Quality: Risk®.  Greg developed the CERM: Risk Based, Problem Solving | Risk Based, Decision Making® system to help reliability and quality professionals address today’s volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA).

  • Define business, quality, reliability, and risk objectives.

  • Use risk based, problem solving and risk based, decision making to ensure business, reliability, and quality objectives can be met.

  • Use risk based, problem solving and risk based, decision making to identify, pursue, and maximize business and project opportunities.

  • Architect a risk management plan based on ISO 31000 to guide risk mitigation and treatment at the 1. Enterprise; 2. Programmatic/Project/Process; and 3. Product/Transactional levels.

  • Design a risk based risk management system, framework, and processes tailored to the organization’s operating model, supply chain, and risk appetite/tolerance.

  • Deploy the ISO 31000 risk framework internally and in the supply chain including: establish the risk context; identify risks; analyze risks; evaluate risks; treat risks; communicate and consult; and monitor/review/assure risk control effectiveness.

  • Quantify and assess project risks using a heat map and other tools.

  • Design and deploy project cost, schedule, scope, technology, and quality risk - controls.

  • Develop a ‘Next Steps Strategy’ to be Risk Proactive, Preventive, Predictive, and Preemptive® at the 1. Enterprise; 2. Programmatic/Project/Process; and 3. Product/Transactional levels.

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4 weeks of risk management readings, discussions, and lectures.

Course Location: Live Online via Zoom

Duration: 12hrs discussion and lectures sessions plus weekly reading assignment

Tuition: $499 USD

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Cover of ISO 31000 2018 Enterprise Risk Management bookThis online and real-time workshop is based on his best-selling, book ISO 31000: 2018 (305 pages) - all 5 star reviews on Amazon.  ISO 31000 is the international risk management standard that is the basis for all ISO management systems. 

Risk Management is a project based workshop where each participant will learn how to Architect, Design, Deploy, Assure® (ADDA) a risk control framework based on ISO 31000 risk standard.  The ADDA® framework is the risk equivalent of quality’s PDSA cycle.  In this workshop, participants will learn how to frame, design, and apply risk controls and mitigations at the 1. Enterprise; 2. Programmatic/Project/Process; and 3. Product/Transactional levels so they are acceptable to the risk appetite/tolerance of the organization.

Course Notes

Once enrolled you will receive the full course syllabus with reading assignments, dates & times with the Zoom link for the discussions and lectures.

Course live sessions (on Zoom) will be recorded and available to students for 3-weeks after each live session.

Note: The course textbook is sold separately via Amazon. Paperback or Kindle versions are available. Please make arrangements to have the book before the course starts.

Course Calendar

Discussion Sessions or ‘office hours' will be arranged as needed during the course.

Lecture Sessions are approximately 3-hours long on Wednesdays, March 16, 23, 30, and April 6, starting at Noon US Pacific time. In-depth lectures/discussions - be prepared to take notes and participate.

  • We are ISO 9001 – 2015 QMS certified.  Risk Based Thinking (RBT) is an ISO 9001 requirement.  We had problems implementing RBT.  Hutchins’s Architect, Design, Deploy, and Assure helped implement RBT because it is similar to quality’s Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle. ~ Quality Manager – Manufacturing Company

Risk Management Course Overview

Here's what you can expect from the Risk Management course.

  • Four Week Duration

    Weekly reading assignments, discussion sessions, and lectures

  • Discussion sessions

    Live office hours, let's cover what's on your mind, via Zoom

  • Weekly Lecture Sessions

    Comprehensive lecture/discussion on the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard

  • Project based course

    From setting risk objectives to establishing a next steps strategy for your organization

  • Required Text: ISO 3100 - 2018: Enterprise Risk Managment

    Paperback or Kindle versions available -sold separately

  • Optional - Subscribe to the CERM Risk Insights weekly emagazine

    Receive a weekly email with essays and articles on all facets of risk management and related topics

  • Offline Instructor Support

    Offline instructor support is available to ensure your success!

  • 10% discount on future courses by Greg

    Other courses focus on risk assurance, supply chain risk management, etc.

Course curriculum at-a-glance.

The course follows the text ISO 31000 :ERM with additional recommended reading assignments.
  • Module 1: Introduction to Risk Management – Key Thriving Skills in VUCA Time

  • Module 2: Risk Fundamentals – Deciding How to Decide

  • Module 3: Risk Frameworks – Key to Decision Making

  • Module 4: SPC for Measurement Systems

  • Module 4: Risk Framework – Communicate and Consult

  • Module 5: Risk Framework – Establish the Risk Context

  • Module 6: Risk Framework – Identify Risks

  • Module 7: Risk Framework – Analyze Risks

  • Module 8: Risk Framework - Evaluate Risks

  • Module 9: Risk Framework - Treat (Respond To) Risks

  • Module 10: Risk Framework - Record and Report

  • Module 11: Risk Framework - Monitor and Review (Risk Assurance)

  • Module 12: Risk Management Futures

Comprehensive, interactive and convenient.

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Greg Hutchins PE CERM
Principal Engineer of Quality + Engineering

Course Instructor and Risk Management Expert
Quality + Engineering

 Greg Hutchins PE CERM has a broad background:

  • Founder of: 
    • WorkingIt.com - Future of Work platform
    • FutureofProfessions.com – Future of Professions platform
    • 800Compete.com – Reshoring and SCRM platform
    • Certified Enterprise Risk Manager (CERM)® Academy 
    • QualityPlusEngineering.com – Cyber security and Critical Infrastructure professional engineers
  • Future of Quality: Risk® evangelist since 2000
  • Developer of Certified Enterprise Risk Manager® certificate
  • Author of more than 30 books: Value Added Auditing
  • First company to be approved for CIP Forensics, Assurance, Analytics® by US Government
  • Started ISO auditor training in 1987 through AGA Labs CB

Contact information: Greg@800Compete or 503.233.1012 (US)

  • We work in a world of uncertainty.  Project management using ISO 31000 is critical to understanding uncertainty and managing risk.  We are considering adopting this course to train all of our employees in risk based, decision making. ~ Risk Director - Investor Owned Utility