• Group of Peers

    Support each other with reliability questions (that you are not able to answer on your own)

  • Reliability Networking

    Across different industries/ companies, expand your reach

  • Learn and Grow

    Being able to learn and grow together with your master mind group

  • Find Solutions

    You can support each other when facing difficult situations/ conversations

  • Get Answers

    Reach out to experts in the field & get specific knowledge and fill gaps

  • Honest Feedback

    Feedback that other people with your company and industry are not able to give you

  • Stay Motivated

    Within a master mind group you are able to get motivated and motivate your peers, people within the group understand your goals and can energize you

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A mastermind group is 4 to 8 peers meeting regularly for a combination of

  • brainstorming
  • education
  • peer accountability 
  • and, support

All in a safe and personal setting aimed at sharpening your business and personal skills.

Regular participation in a mastermind group helps you and your group members achieve success.

You challenge each other to set powerful goals, then encourage and support each other as you accomplish your goals. Group membership does require:

  • commitment
  • confidentiality
  • giving and receiving advice and ideas
  • and, supporting each other with total honest, respect and compassion.

Members of your mastermind group act as a catalyst for your growth, a sounding board to sharpen ideas, and supportive colleagues as you make progress. 

  • Step 1

    Opt in as interested — get the process started

  • Step 2

    We'll be in touch — help us match you with a suitable mastermind group

  • Step 3

    Confirm email list membership — receive periodic mastermind information, advice, and encouragement

  • Step 4

    Get introduced to your reliability engineering mastermind group

Let us know you are interested

Opting in here does two things: First, we will ask you to send us a short email with a little information about you and your interest in mastermind groups. Second, you are added to a RainMail email list of those interested in joining a reliability engineering mastermind group, please click on the confirmation within the opt in confirmation email from RainMail (part of Accendo Reliability).