• Hello Mahesh,

      It depends on what you mean by “prepared work and displayed.” If your question is if you perform preparation tasks as part of the product design process, and the preparation tasks relate to the failure mode and associated cause in the FMEA, the answer is “yes.”

  1. How can I link the prevention controls identified in the PFMEA with the control method column in the Control Plan?

    • Hi Victor,
      You are correct that Prevention Controls in the PFMEA are input to Control Methods in the Process Control Plan. Same with Detection Controls. The PFMEA team uses engineering judgement to make this linkage. There may be relational database software that does this automatically; but I prefer this to be a manual linkage, to allow engineering judgment to guide the transfer of information.

  2. Hi Carl, thank you for an informative article. I have a specific query.
    A shaft is inserted in the hole with inference fit and pull out of the shaft from the hole is considered failure of severity 10, now if I change the design and include a secondary safety that can delay the failure mode but not eliminate it for example I insert a circlip to delay the pull out. In this case, can I reduce the severity of the failure mode, As I have designed a preventive mechanism to delay the failure mode.

    thank you for help.

    • Hi Sandeep.
      Thanks for your question.
      As always with evaluating an FMEA, we have to begin with an understanding of the item being evaluated. I’ll assume for the purpose of answering your question that the revised design is a type of external circlip that is placed around the shaft exerting force inwards to prevent slippage of the shaft. If that is the case, the function would be described accordingly, and a possible failure mode might be shaft pulls out. If the consequence of the shaft pulling out is severe, then the severity stays high. You may have impacted (reduced) the likelihood of occurrence, by the addition of the circlip. Remember, prevention controls can affect the occurrence rating.
      Let me know if I have answered your question and if there are other considerations.

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